Constantine cymbal set

Gold color mute cymbal

Earth tone gong

Wind gong

Arborea beginning drum set method
Each hitting on the semi-cymbal is the expression of passion and pursuit of excellence.
our family is growing
Being heated ,the castings turn red not only to show their shine but also the bloody heart of craftsmen.
The art behind the sound
To beautify and tune the sound of a gong, awesome hands are needed.
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Gollo Altamiranda and Gollito Altamiranda Jr.
Gollo Altamiranda and Gollito Altamiranda Jr.Independent
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I have been a professional drummer for over a decade, and I've had the privilege to play a myriad of cymbals from various manufacturers. However, the cymbals from this company stand head and shoulders above the rest. The sound quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal of these cymbals are truly unparalleled.


leonardo angel
leonardo angelIndependent
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From the moment I unboxed my first gong from this company, I knew I was handling an instrument of exceptional quality. The craftsmanship is simply beyond compare. Each gong is a testament to their commitment to traditional handcrafting techniques. Every strike of the mallet reveals the depth of sound that only comes from a truly handmade gong.
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arborea chau gong

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